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Luggage and extra luggage

Baggage Allowance

Checked luggage

One checked bag is included in all fares

  • max 20 kg
  • max size (length + width + height) is 158 cm (62 inches) including handles and wheels

Hand luggage

One minimum hand luggage is allowed

  • 4 kg max

for example: 

  • computer bag
  • small handbag
  • or similar

There is not room for backpacks or sports bags as hand luggage

Luggage for children

Same as for adults and in addition one extra item such as a car seat or a stroller

Luggage for infants

If travelling with an infant, extra luggage is included and one extra item such as a car seat or a stroller

The maximum weight per item is 20 kg.

Extra luggage

Extra luggage must be booked in advance,for example:

  • extra bag
  • ski equipment
  • golf set
  • strollers, car seats ( if travelling with a young child one piece is included)

Baggage Restrictions

Not allowed on board

The following items are not permitted on board, neither in checked luggage nor hand luggage:

    • Explosives and flammable substances, e.g. gas, paint, alcoholic beverages with over 70% alcohol, matches, lighters, fireworks, etc.
    • Substances and toxins, e.g. as acids, liquid-filled batteries, corrosive substances, bleaching agents, fire extinguishers, spray weapons (pepper spray, etc.), infectious agents (blood, bacteria, viruses, etc.).
    • Electric scooters 

Futher information on restricted items is to be found in Terms and Condition

Not allowed in hand luggage

The following items are not permitted in hand luggage

  • Guns, firearms and other weapons
  • Sharp objects such as knives, scissors, screwdrivers, pliers, ski poles, ice skates and other sharp objects that can cause injury
  • Blunt instruments such as bats, equipment for self-defense sports, or any tools that can cause harm.
  • Replicas of the above items

Further information on restricted items is to be found in Terms and Conditions

Electrical equipment

  • Small devices with lithium batteries, e.g. mobile phones, computers, electronic cigarettes, etc. must be carried in hand luggage. Batteries should be removed from electronic cigarettes.
  • Electric scooters are not allowed on board as the batteries may cause fire hazard

More information about electrical equipment with lithium batteries can be found on the  IATA website