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Loftbrú is a discount on domestic flights to and from Reykjavik for passengers with leagal residence in rural areas of Iceland.

It provides 40% discount on the total fare to and from Reykjavík for up to six flights ( three round trips) a year.

Please find further information on Loftbrú at

( log into your account to find your discount code)

How to book Loftbrú on Norlandair flights.

When booking Loftbrú, please make sure to select Loftbrú in the beginning of the booking process.

In next step you insert the Loftbrú code and confirm before continuing with the resrevation 

Booking Grímsey, Vopnafjörður og Þórshöfn

Book Loftbrú on connecting flights ( for passengers from Grímsey, Vopnafjörður and Þórshöfn )

  1. Download a discount code at
  2. Book a flight between Akureyri and Reykjavík with Icelandair with the discount code
  3. Download a new discount code at, which is specifically intended for onward flights. This code only appears when a flight between Akureyri and Reykjavík has been booked with the standard Loftbrúa code.
  4. Book an onward flight with Norlandair within 24 hours of booking the previous flight.