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Nerlerit Inaat

Constable Point (CNP)


Nerlerit Inaat, or Constable Point airport, is located on the East coast of Greenland, on Jameson Land, on the northern side of Scoresby Sund fjord. The southern border of Greenland National Park is in approximately 80 km distance to the North.  It is the largest National Park in the world and covers the entire northern coastline of Greenland and nearly half of all land in Greenland. For visiting the park, a permit from the Greenland Govenrment is required.

The nearest settlement is Ittoqqortoormiit with a population of 350. Ittoqqortoormiit is located on Liverpol Land about 45 km Southeast of the airport. Ittoqqortoormiit is one of the most isolated settlements in Greenland. Air Greenland offers helicopter flights to/from the village in connection with Norlandair flights to Nerlerit Inaat. Another way of transport is by boat during summer, or by snow mobile during winter, depending on weather and ice condition.

Other nearby settlements, f.x. Kap Tobin (Uunarteq) and Cape Hope (Itterajivit) have been abandoned, the last ones around the year 2000, however some of the houses are still maintained as a summer or weekend getaway for families in Ittoqqortoormiit.



Nerlerit Inaat/Constable Point airport was built in 1985 by the US oil company ARCO in connection with oil exploration in Jameson Land, 5 years later it was sold to Greenland.

In addition to serving the locals, the airport is the port of entry for the Norheast coast of Greenland.

From March through September each year many travellers pass through the airport. The area is popular amongst skiiers, photograpers, film crews and more. Also large number of sientists and reaserchers make their way to the National Park.

Ittoqqortooormiit (meaning the place with the big houses) was founded in 1925 by the Danish polar explorer Ejnar Mikkelsen and some 80 inuit settlers. Most of the pepole came from Ammasalik, ca 850 km south of the new settlement, and a few came from the West of Greenland. The reason for the new settlement was partly Denmark‘s counterbalance to Norway‘s growing interest in Northeast Greenland, but also an attempt to create a better life for the settlers in the great hunting areas in the North.


Nerlerit Inaat only serves as an airport, but can accommodate a few persons for room and board

Nanu Travel in Ittoqqortoormiit offers variety of exiting excursions, such as dogsledding trips, sailing- hunting-, and hiking tours. There is a guesthouse in the village, a museum, souvenir shop and a restaurant (with limited opening hours).

Also, there are all the main service for the inhabitants, such as kindergarden and elementary school, health care, nursing home, sports facilites, church and a post office. There is also a shop for essentials (food, clothing, utilities), variety might be limited from mid-winter until the first ship of the year arrives, usually around mid-July. In the winter, fresh products are flown in weekly with Norlandair.

The main attraction for visitors is the breathtaking nature all around. The atmosphere is quite uniqe, a great get away from the hustle and bustel of everyday life. The colorful houses of Ittoqqortoormiit are a contrast to the raw but magnificent nature. The people in this isolated community are friendly and make visitors feel welcome.



Norlandair has 2 scheduled flights to Nerlerit Inaat per week, one from Akureyri and one from Reykjavik. For futher information see our flight schedule.

Akureyri - Nerlerit Inaat (CNP) - Akureyri

period weekday departure AEY arrival CNP departure CNP arrival AEY
1.Oct 2023 - 31.Mar 2024 Thu 12:30 13:00 13:40 16:50
1.Apr 2024 - 30.Apr 2024 Thu 12:30 14:00 14:40 16:50
1.May 2024 - 30.Sep 2024 Mon 12.30 14:00 14:40 16:50

Reykjavík - Nerlerit Inaat (CNP) - Akureyri

period weekday departure AEY arrival CNP departure CNP arrival AEY
1.Oct 2023 - 30.Mar 2024 Tue 12:30 13:15 13:45 16:30
1.Apr 2024 - 30.Apr 2024 Tue 12:30 14:15 14:45 16:30
1.May 2024 - 30.Jun 2024 Thu 12:30 14:15 14:45 16:30
1.Jul 2024 - 30.Sep 2024 Thu 12:00 13:45 14:30 16:15